Here are the pages that introduce the graftee.

thank you very mach.

日本語とテーマ(Japanese and themes)

Features of the Japanese characters is Multi-byte and white space is not in between words.This feature is sometimes the mischief.Since the operation check is also performed in the Japanese when the Japanese make a theme, it can reduce its mischief.Such articles in order that will come out from time to time.This page has been kindly introduced graftee I made Japanese.Thank you.

カスタマイズしやすそうなテーマ(Customize ease likely themes)

If you create a web site Than create from scratch It is easy better to use WordPress.The disadvantage of when using WordPress is to become WordPress taste.If you want to produce the organization’s website is a fatal.I want to erase WordPress taste only in the management screen if possible.This page introduces the graftee as one of it has come true likely theme.Thank you.