SEO is determined by the content.SEO of HTML is small.Because the effect is small, Google has said, “should focus on content”. Whether you need the power to use graftee? No, the power is not need. If using the graftee, you will need only focus on content.

Markup of comment

Screenshot of comment markup in Google site

Google has marked up the comment section in the iframe. Graftee was imitate Google. Also, it is if whether comments The important thing is what the sentence is often judgment is difficult. The benefits of the comments in an iframe is possible to prevent the comment is made in SEO of the way.

Very fast

Graftee was to reduce the HTML size by using full advantage of the HTML5.

<div class="section">

In this way, long tag changes


In this way, it reduces about 12B be the short tag. It reduces 12KB With the 1000 tags within a page.

Graftee was to reduce the HTML size by using the function of the CSS.

<div class="outer-wrapper"><div class="wrapper"><div class="inner-wrapper"><div class="outer-container"><div class="container"></div></div></div></div></div>

In this way, the hierarchy of the div element is compatible with pseudo-elements and multiple background images of functions of the CSS.
This is the case of graftee.


Image of Graftee is less and simple. Image is to reduce the number of times of communication to reduce the number of files by including in the CSS and BASE64 compression. Image was BASE64 compression, and it was included in the CSS, and then we have to reduce the number of communications and reduce the number of files.

Structured data

HTML defines the sentence structure, and structured data defines the meaning. f you define the meaning, search engine will be able to determine the exact content. Structured data can be further enhance the SEO effect of the content.