graftee customizer

graftee is possible to add the settings to the customizer, you can make your own taste of the site.
Wording that theme is condemned also, changed in the customizer, you can unify the wording.
It can also be displayed in easily slide animation multiple header image.

Screenshot of the menu on the dashboard in WordPress

Come on, let’s go from here to the Customizer

graftee settings

Screenshot of the top page of the customizer of when you set the graftee theme in WordPress

graftee setting has let me stay quietly at the bottom,
Because graftee that being in a place like this is because I am sorry.

Screenshot of the graftee settings of the customizer

This is graftee settings page.

On this page, you can set the ‘show breadcrumbs’ and ‘Disabled style.css’ and ‘Add CSS file’ and ‘Credit display of footer’ and ‘word’.

Only in breadcrumbs put a check will appear in the ‘show breadcrumbs’.

If you do not want to use the style.css of graftee You can just put a check in the ‘Disabled style.css’.

If you want to use your own style.css is You can when you enter the URL in the ‘Add CSS file’.

If you want to change credit of footer You can input the ‘Credit display of footer’.

If you want to change the wording, if you type in the text box below the wording you want to change, you can change the entered wording.

header image

Screenshot of the header image of the customizer

graftee was add the ‘Display all of the header image’ check box of the bottom of the image selection , and add the ‘Header image animation’ select box.
If you select multiple images in the Add new image, these settings are available.
If you check, you will be more than one image is displayed in the slide animation.
You can also select the slide direction in the select box.

menu locations

Screenshot of the menu locations of the customizer

graftee is available some Menu, it is menu and secondary menu and toppage menu.
secondary menu will display on top of the credit notation footer.
toppage menu is displayed in card format at the top of the content of the top page.


Screenshot of the widgets of the customizer

graftee has widget of sidebar and footer bar.
footer bar will display on top of the credit notation footer.
If you display a secondary menu, it display on top of the secondary menu.