graftee has a lot of features.

Corresponding to all of the device

Graftee make in responsive web design and flexible web design. Therefore graftee can browse on all devices.

Graftee does not use JavaScript. Graftee can browse in older devices that can not use JavaScript.

Corresponding to a lot of the environment

JavaScript of graftee is focus mark and control height of comments iframe. graftee is change to link from iframe, if JavaScript is not available, graftee is even unusable JavaScript, you can browse to the satisfaction.

And, graftee because of the perfect mark-up even the CSS is not available environment you can browse to the satisfaction. This is possible because not design in HTML.

Very fast

File of graftee is one HTML, one JavaScript, and one css. The total is three.

Graftee is not the design in HTML, graftee is not use div element and the span element. There is no meaning of semantics. Also since the class attributes and id attributes are kept to a minimum, The capacity of the HTML file is low.

Graftee is Reduce the number of files and in also reduce the capacity of all of the files, it have to fast.


Graftee is supports many of the “features” in search for a theme in wordpress.org.

Screenshot of WordPress theme's Search Features

  • fluid-layout
  • responsive-layout
  • one-column
  • two-columns
  • three-columns
  • left-sidebar
  • right-sidebar
  • accessibility-ready
  • blavatar
  • buddypress
  • custom-background
  • custom-colors
  • custom-header
  • custom-menu
  • editor-style
  • featured-images
  • flexible-header
  • full-width-template
  • microformats
  • post-formats
  • rtl-language-support
  • sticky-post
  • theme-options
  • threaded-comments
  • translation-ready

Design of graftee

HTML of graftee is Hiper Text Markup language.
It is not Hiper Text makeup language.

HTML of graftee does not include all the design. All of the design is controlled by CSS. And CSS of graftee You can control all in the customizer.

Graftee theme is not intended to provide the design, it is a theme to provide a mark-up and function.

However, the other blank theme differences, there are many sites that are used in the design it have not customized.

Pass in every test

graftee did a lot of testing.

  • HTML check
  • CSS check
  • Accessibility AAA check
  • Check by WordPress people